Approximately 25 persons participated in the two-day workshop, most of them work in the fields of film, art, art mediation and anthropology.

Film Analysis Workshop
"Europe's Antivirus-System" - In/Visibilities of Borders and Migration

If there is a political dream of the border today, it is like anti-virussoftware: constantly scanning traffic,identifying threats, quarantining, disinfecting and silently isolating risks so that all those flows which we are told to value can continue to circulate and proliferate. A technology which, because the –žthreat" is constantly morphing, must achieve a condition of permanent updating

(Wiliam Walters in conversation with Marion von Osten, Genealogies of Control, Projekt Migration, Dumont 2006)

The following questions were topics of the discussion:

What happens when artists produce visual works about people with illegal status?

How can the contradiction between visibility and illegality be made productive?

Which images of establishing and transgressing of borders are being produced?

Who speaks for whom and from which point of view?

Which coalitions are possible between filmmakers and their protagonists?

How can layers of fact and fiction be combined not only to mirror but also to create new realities?

These very tensions between art, film and activism were explored by analyzing film samples.

Sequel of the film analytical workshop: "Kitsch, Rache, Solidarität? Un/Sichtbarkeiten von Grenzen und Migration"

in the Raumerweiterungshalle at Ostkreuz
on May 21 / 22 and 28 / 29
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List of films that have been discussed:

1) Domenico Distilo, The Calm and the Storm, 2010, Italian with English subtitles, 30 minutes
2) Domenico Distilo, The Unexpected, 2006, Italian with English subtitles, 30 minutes

3) Pieter Geenen, nocturne-lampedusa - fort europa, 2006, video 4:3, black and white, mute, infrared camera, mini DV, 28 minutes

4) Farida Heuck, Border Crossings, 2000, mini DV, English, 17 minutes

5) Sandra Hetzl, .....ATIGYEA KORAA or IT HAS BACKFIRED, 2010, 47 minutes

6) Steffen Köhn, Synopsis of a film project on the situation of three refugees in Melilla, the spanish enclave in Morocco.

7) Ulrich Seidl, Import Export, 2007, 135 minutes

8) Zelimir Zilnik, Crni film (Black film), 1971, 35mm, black and white, Serbo-Croatian with German subtitles, 14 minutes
9) Zelimir Zilnik, Kenedi goes back home, 35mm, Serbo-Croatian and Romani with
German subtitles, 74 minutes

A project by Thomas Kilpper
A light tower for Lampedusa, work in progress

The film analysis workshop "Europe's Antivirus-System" - In/Visibilities of Borders and Migration was developed by Martyna Starosta and was part of "Staging the Border" - the video platform 2010, a video installation curated by Martyna Starosta


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