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S P A C E  continues the series of mini-workshops started in 2011 where artists, curators, cultural workers, theoreticians, scientist ... will give an insight into their work field. flashlights 2012 will focus on the theme space and investigate different layers and perspectives of horizontal/veritcal, inner/outer, real/virtual, visual/acustic,  physical/mental, socialen/political space. The workshops are based on personal experience and individual concerns, mirroring current art practice, introduce into the matter, raise and answer questions, start discussions and give hand on examples.

flashlights share knowledge, abilities and information within a small group of participants and leave space for practical examples and one to one exchange.


lecturers 2012 >>>

Hither Yon / Designer Collective (USA), Zuzanna Skiba / cartographer & artist (D), Susanne Ackers / media scientist & art historian (D)


flashlights SPACE

is further developed & organized by Tatjana Fell

with friendly support of Andrzej Raszyk


flashlights is a production of arttransponder & berlinerpool

in cooperation with Center for Art and Urbanistics ZK/U

and Stattbad Wedding STTTBD

flashlights  2011

flashlights  S P A C E  >>> AUGUST 2012

26. August




Space Outsourced


Space is integral to a Movement Artist and, as collective of freelance artists we find ourselves in a challenging position, where we do not possess any physical private space like a studio or a vacant room to create our work, experiment with our bodies and present our work. Thus so far we have been meeting, gathering, training and rehearsing in unconventional spaces, often coming up with, what seems now like creative solutions to finding suitable places to rehearse and meet.

Within this flashlights workshop I would like to share and put up for discussion some of my experiences of the various public performances that we have been engaged with - four projects were done in exploration of public spaces, the main aim being to create temporary art in public spaces. The objective of such an infinitive is to traverse the border between the visible and invisible, directly and thoughtfully working to transform a given place. The result of such a project is a fluid and temporary space, in which the definitions between viewer and performer -between city and stage - are continuously re-defined. As a collective we can share our plans to catalyze this collaboration forward and explore possible interfaces. Basis for our talks will be a 30 to 45 minute practical engagement where we collect experience moving our bodies through various constructs of space.




based in Bangalore/India, works as a performer, creator, choreograph and teacher since the year 2000. He trained and worked with dance companies like Attakkalari in India, the Bodhi project in Austria, Danshuisstationzuid in Netherlands, Hausgemacht in Germany and completed a post graduate diploma in choreography at S.E.A.D in Austria in 2008. He has showcased his work in venues in India and Europe. More recently, along with a group of passionate artists in Bangalore, he set up a collaborative group, called the KHA Foundation.

the KHA Collektive is a collective of experimental interdisciplinary artists who wish to incorporate a wide range of movement, visual, design and music arts to create new expressions, experimenting at the boundaries of their disciplines. A main pillar of our philosophy is to actively collaborate and work with different communities and cultures. We like to receive fresh impulses from different experiences that help us to always renew ourselves and our work. We also believe in passing on our experiences to others. This mutual exchange is the reason why we are aiming to build a broad network that allows us to regularly work in different parts of India and also abroad with different communities, collectives and artists across cultures.


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Location >> Center for Art and Urbanistics ZK/U

flashlights  S P A C E  >>> JUNE 2012

13. JUNE / Wednesday  




Bio-Technographies - From Cyberspace to Augmented Space


Today in the area of post-post modernism, modernity as a concept in art has vanished. On the other hand it is ovious that within the technological perpetuation of ever-new media modernity is still allive. We all are forced to adapt to this ongoing race for new technologies – the latest and most global developments - all sorts of social media with facebook as its vanguarde application. With our own various biographies – youth, baby boomers and older generations – our starting points tackling with technology vary.

This situation either urged older people to reproduce their biographies retrospectively online or enabled younger people to create a biography "on the way" – as digital natives do all their lifes.The asymptote has become the symbolic form of our times: we are constantly repositioning ourselves in the cyberspace of the 1990ies which has become the augmented space of the 21st century.    


This workshop will focus on cyberspace and augmented space and the relation to our own techno-biographies. Together we will put a light on how it was when you had your first computer.    


The following topics will be put up for discussion:


>> 1st flashlight: Francesco of Assisi and Giotto / the invention of the first marketing tools for the catholic church: pictures which describe and visualize texts   

>> 2nd flashlight: Alberti and Brunelleschi / the invention of the laws of perspective: how to  integrate painting into the 7 liberal arts    

>> 3rd flashlight: Erwin Panofsky / the laws of perspective as a symbolic form: the sociological interpretation of visualization of our perception of reality    

>> 4th flashlight: Stanley Kubrick: 2001 - A Space Odyssee / the invention of a visualization through time – the asymptote as a symbolic form



media scientist & art historian and founding member of the Old Boys Network is currently based in Berlin. Studies in art history, linguistics and philosophy, Ph. D. about Charlotte Davies (2009).

Until 2003 Deputy Director of the Institute for Visual Media at the ZKM Karlsruhe. 2005-2010 Managing Director of Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund & head of Medienwerk NRW. Lecturer on ZHGK, Zürich and Senior Lecturer in arthistory & electronic art at Högskolan Skövde, Sweden. Additionally she supported and co-curated various exhibition projects and performed on CeBIT 96 as member of the artist group -Innen.

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location>> Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding

flashlights  S P A C E  >>> MAY 2012

15. MAY / Tuesday


Mental Cartographies


Our perception is transmitting a steady and continuously updated flow of information as a basis for creating our consciousness and orientation. Trained constants of orientation within space are saved in our memory, as part of a common world knowledge. We relate to this knowledge during processes of imagination, planning and space-time reasoning. Hence orientation is generated as an individual achievement and a cognition gained by a subject actively engaged with its environment. The function of orientation is generated only through this interrelation.


Mental space is an ability which refers to cognition and contains subjective  consciousness in the following dimensions:

1. Orientation referring to space    ( look at the location of space, we will research this at our work location/work space in Stattbad Wedding) 

2. Orientation referring to identity      How does space affect us and how far does our mental space reach out?     Where starts and ends our individual border without changing our position?  


After a short introduction we want to explore the Stattbad location and produce individual mental maps. We will compare our collected results with each other as well as with the actual situation on site and put them up for discussion. 

The workshop will focus on the following questions:

1.How can a result be possible without having a scientific foundation – based just on our memory and knowledge?

2.What distinguishes a scientific based cartographic representation of the location from our personal mental maps?

3.Which changes might result if we change our perspective, e.g. from worm's-eye-view to bird's-eye-view? Does a shift in perspective also implicate a shift from matter to non-matter?

4.Which irritations will occur within our comparisons? 




Zuzanna Skiba, cartographer and artist, lives in Berlin and has been working over 20 years on a personal cartography based on memories and real experiences. Her serial work complex represents exemplary a mental procedure which is changing its figures fluently. Inner and outer landscapes merge into autonomous shapes and are embedded into paintings.Zuzanna Skiba perceives the world with all is topographic, political and private informations and memories from it's outside appearance.

Her present work series –žMagnetic Fields–œ consists of drawings ostracising, isolating and enclosing lines which develop their own meaning and direction and generate a pictorial component. She participates in various national and international exhibitions, art projects and artist co-operations.

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location>> Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin


flashlights  S P A C E >>> APRIL 2012

11. April / Wednesday 


 Id, Ego, Superego: the Invention of the Collaborative City


With the research and visual production of their Id, Ego, and Superego projects, Hither Yon explores methods of collaborative design. Through drawing in a range of scales, the discourse of personal aesthetics and individual intentions become grounded in a single "object," one made through the processes of debate, interpretation, compromise, and metamorphoses. In the end, the ever-present dialogue of the undergone series of steps is presented as a very specific moment between the distinct individuals. 

Hither Yon's workshop will reenact the collective's methodology, only now with the involvement of individuals from multiple disciplines. The participants will be provided with a kit of parts to go through those steps, concocting their own egos. They will then use those inventions to aid us in the development of a new city, one produced with their strong personal inclinations.



was founded in 2011 and is currently based in Berlin, Germany and works as a Design Collective, on international and local projects and exhibitions for example in 2012 at Kulturpark –¨Reprogramming and revival of the Spreepark, in 2011 at The Spherical Book, at Herbert F. Johnson Museum Showcase and in 2010 at MULTI-MEDA–¨ and on Festa Dell'Architettura. Additionally Hither Yon are part of special artistic collaborations: 2011 with Prison #5 Installation Highline, in 2010 American Academy Film Retrospective, 2009 MACRO Museum Installation.

All four members, Eric Ross Bernstein, Jeremy Collins Burke, Kirk N. Finkel and Michael S. Lee graduated from the Department of Architecture at Cornell University, and have worked collaboratively in New York, Rome, Berlin and Mumbai.


Watch Hither Yons video documentation of this flashlights workshop here

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location>> Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding

location >> Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding