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With flashlights we start a series of mini-workshops where artists, curators, cultural workers, theoreticians, scientist ... will give an insight into their work field.


The workshops are based on personal experience and individual concerns, mirroring current art practice, introduce into the matter, raise and answer questions, start discussions and give hand on examples.

flashlights share knowledge, abilities and information within a small group of participants and leave space for practical examples and one to one exchange.

lecturers >>>

Marisa Benjamin /performer (PA), Romina Bulacio Sak/actress & cultural manager (RA), Dorothea Carl /political scientist & cultural manager (D), Pearl Heneghan artist & curator (IRL), Nicole Maffi/cultural manager (I), Ewa Surowiec / artist & curator (PL), Nuno Vincente / artist (PA)


flashlights is devloped and organized by Tatjana Fell & Andrzej Raszyk

and a production by arttransponder & berlinerpool


in co-operation with Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD
our best thanks to Mica Moca project Berlin for supporting flashlights between June and September 2011

flashlights >>> DEZEMBER

 08 December / Thursday 




 From the Magic Mushroom to Parsley


Within the last few years living in Berlin, the capital of the Arts as many people will call it, I watched art adopt a role as a desirable lifestyle and ignoring the fundamental responsibility we have as artists, to counteract the negative energies of our time. War, the destruction of the earth, competition and lies are forcing us to become more selfish more materialistic and more closed to our little enjoyable lives. 


My interest with this talk is to plant a seed for the construction or even the dis-construction of 'reality' into a better, more functional world. We will start from the time...before history and move through it till today...hopefully I will be able to inspire a change in how we see ourselves and each other...and ultimately - together, we could turn the world into imagination. 



> Athina Antoniadou

Athina Antoniadou, painter and sculpturer was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1962. She received her BFA at the California College of Arts and Crafts (USA), in the 80's and had a scholarship for a PHD, at the Complutense de San Fernando in Madrid, in the 90's.

Her work is mostly autobiographical. She travels and documents encounters of the soul, mind and body, independently of institutions and artistic trends. The last 4 years she has been traveling to Peru where she found herself in a new context and reality. She has been working and exhibiting her work in group and individual exhibitions for the last 25 years. Since 2001 she is based in Berlin.

location >> Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding

flashlights >>> NOVEMBER

24 November / Thursday 


Independent Writing - From Samizdat to the Zines


This workshop will focus on the creation of an independent fanzine/magazine today.

Starting from a historical overview about the soviet Samizdat during the Cold War, we will together try to understand, what is a Zine and why it is fundamental in our current world in comparison to the communist society. If, during the Samizdat movement, the circulation of independent magazines would not have been permitted, then nowadays the internet with its apparently infinite possibilities of distribution would not seem so extraordinary.We will talk about censorship today and we will essay topics for an ideal contemporary Zine.


Some starting points of discussion for the ideal creation of a fanzine/magazine are: 

  • Why a Zine nowadays?
  • Which is our audience? 
  • Which layout does it need in order to have a congruent diffusion?
  • Which contents are suitable for our society today?


> Eleonora Farina

Eleonora Farina, Italian, art historian and curator, graduated in History of Contemporary Art from –œLa Sapienza– University in Rome with a MA dissertation about the Kunsthalle Portikus in Frankfurt am Main. After her one-year-long job experience at MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (thanks to the European 'Leonardo da Vinci' grant), she is now dedicating her PhD research to the experimental Video Art in Romania in the Seventies and Eighties during the CeauÅŸescu's dictatorship (Freie Universität, Berlin).


location >> Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding

flashlights >>> NOVEMBER

10 November / Thursday Start: 6pm > End: 9pm




Art Battle - Artists Contra Curators


Looking through the history of contemporary art and curating itself  we face a dynamic and continously shifting set of relations which defines the role of artists and curators.Paulina Olszewska will investigate this relations by analyzing selected project examples and raise critical comments.  


The talk will circulate around the following questions:      

  • –œWhat does it exactly mean –žto curate– ?    
  • –œWhat are possible roles of artists in a process of creating exhibitions and art events?
  • –œWhat roles do curators play?–  and the most controversial:     
  • –œWhose ideas and visions are more influential to the project: these given by the artists or these made by the curators?– 

Questions will be put up for discussion


> Paulina Olszewska

art historian, independent curator and art critic,  graduated from Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland.  Currently based in Berlin she cooperates with different artists,  collectives and institutions and curated / coordinated shows organized in Poland, Germany and Denmark.  She also is publishing in various international art and cultural magazines. Recent projects were Drop after Drop / Krakow and Endosymbiotic / ZERO Gallery Berlin /


location >> Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding


flashlights >>> OCTOBER

13 October / Thursday Start: 6pm > End: 9pm



 Art and Neuroscience - a new approach




Neuroscience has developed very fast over the last 20 years. New tools and technologies were invented. With fMRI we can measure neural activity in the brain and Positron Emission Tomography ( PET) produces a three-dimensional image of processes in the brain.These methods have been applied to conduct a research on perception. Art followed close behind.

This workshop will retrace the recent story of relationship between art and neuroscience. Will describe potential developments and highlight philosophical problematic with a special focus on Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and Semir Zekis approaches.


visual Artist- Curator- Researcher in Contemporary Art.
born in Sardinia in 1975. His work integrates digital media and classical oil painting on canvas. After completing a Political Science degree in Italy he moved to Paris, where he lived and exhibited for the next 7 years. In 2008 he relocated to Berlin-Friedrichshain where, along with producing solo work, he has founded two centres for art and research: –˜Works in Regress' Project for Contemporary Art (2009) and –˜Ecke Gallery - Art and Neuroscience' (2010).

–˜Ecke Gallery' was born to promote research and collaboration between art and neuroscience. Neuroscientists, linguists, psychologists and artists come together at monthly meetings, sit in front of a ginger-orange tea and share knowledge and inspiration. Ecke gallery hosts international artists to continue to create connections between artists, curators and a soul.
These meetings prepare 2 different approaches regarding art and neuroscience. One approach promotes artists that work on neuroscience concept. The first exhibition of Ecke Gallery artist group – ART@HBM 2011 was held in Quebec in July 2011 during –œNeurocartographies– – Neuroscience congress.

> Workshop in English language
> Materialcost: 4 Euro (due at the day of the workshop)
> Participants max.: 12

Download infotext as PDF-file


location >> Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding


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flashlights >>> OCTOBER

27 October / Thursday Start: 6pm > End: 9pm


Access into a living being - Revolution of Life, Art and Science through Reflexion of Conscience

The living being 'Mensch' is born and educated als matter oriented being. This factor is an invisible but fatal one, it creates an invisible self-fullfilling prophecy which turns, on all levels of reality, living processes into the form of dying substance – even artistic and scientific approaches. But it can be detected and removed by a transcendental reflection on the basic structure and logic of human consciousness. This opens the sight on the upcoming Social Sculpture.

–¨This workshop is a practical introduction into the theoretical groundwork of the actions of the Free International University Berlin (FIU Berlin). We will read and discuss the short and important (German) text of Joseph Beuys: "Eintritt in ein Lebewesen."

In the second part we will discuss its relevance for art and science and talk about the idea of the FIU.o


Kai Gregor studied philosophy, modern history and political science at–¨the OFU Bamberg, HU Berlin and TU Berlin. In 2002, he was awarded with the–¨Humboldt-Price. From 2005 till 2006, he worked as a consultant for the experts  commission –žSchaffung eines Geschichtsverbundes zur Aufarbeitung–¨des SED-Unrechts–ž in Potsdam.
Since 2007, he is a PhD candidate at the TU Berlin and holded a scholarship from Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung between 2007 and 2009.
Since 2009, he is co-founder and chairman of the Internationale Gesellschaft für Transzendentalphilosophie and a scientific collaborator for the project "Translating Doping - Doping übersetzen" at the Technical University Berlin.

> Workshop in German language
> Materialcost: 4 Euro (due at the day of the workshop)
> Participants max.: 12




location >> Stadtbad Wedding STTTBD, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding


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deadline > 25. Oktober

flashlights put a light on following issues >>>


08. September / Thursday

Rediscovering Lithography – Stone Print and its Digital potentials in Contemporary Art Practice



Lithography is an ancient technique which increased its popularity within fine arts. Unusual for the printing process is that printing and non-printing surfaces are on the same level. This revolutionary method, invented in 1798 by Alois Senefelder, makes drawing on the lithographic stone an easy process and is similar to drawing on a sheet of paper. Moreover is the whole printing process less complicated as in etching or mezzotint. Lithography is a very picturesque method where one can use all colours and imitate painting and graphic methods.

This flashlight workshop will present and describe interesting techniques and gives an overview about the variety of opportunities which lithography has to offer. You will have the possibility to bring own works, discuss your experiences within the group, exchange practical ideas and link to sources & workplaces.

The workshop contains following points:

    •   preparing the stone
    •   printing processes
    •   varieties of techniques and effects
    •   how to combine lithography with a digital medium
    •   lithography today  - where to do it?

> MONIKA ŁUKOWSKA, artist and art manager, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in WrocÅ‚aw. Her field of study was lithography, digital printing and creative drawing. For her diploma work she received an award from Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the best art diplomas in Poland. She participated in the printmaking workshops at University of Tennessee, USA in September 2010. 2011 she participated in the First Biennial of Young Art WrocÅ‚aw and the VII Biennial of Student`s Graphics, Posnan. 


> Workshop English language
> Material cost: 4 Euro (due on the day of the workshop)
> Participants: 10 max.

flashlights >>> AUGUST


25th of AUGUST / Thursday

Basics of Successful Project Management


As the number of regular paid and long term jobs is constantly declining, "projects" with a temporary character and often precarious conditions take their place. Especially in the context of non-for-profit organizations and small budgets, professional management is crucial to survive.

This workshop will introduce into the successful planning and realizing of cultural and educational projects.
We will consider the different components (objectives, tasks, processes, resources) and adequate methods of project management and put a light on the possiblities of fundraising in Germany.
In practical exercises you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in the context of a concrete project; finally we'll exchange our experiences.

>DOROTHEA CARL is a Berlin based political scientist and cultural manager. For the last ten years she has been working in the fields of cultural management, developing and realizing a variety of projects for art, music and film and projects for a creative and responsible use of recycled products. Adtionally she develops projects implementing youth and school kids.


location >> Mica Moca Projekt Lindower Str. 22, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding 

11 AUGUST / Thursday



11th of AUGUST/ Thursday

Preparing your Artist statement, Biography, and Cv for a variety of situations such as proposals, commissions, funding and Job application



As an artist much of your time will be spent making proposals and writing grant applications. Because funding bodies don't have the capacity to interview everyone seeking funding, they need to get a picture of who you are very quickly. The CV aims to do this and can be augmented by a concise artist's statement and biography.

This workshop compares and contrasts examples of varied statements, biographies and cvs to give a better understanding of how to write a comprehensive, personal and creative portfolio that will make you stand out of the crowd for a variety of situations such as: proposals for funding, proposals to galleries and job applications. It discusses the basic requirements for each type of application and important details about the inclusion of images, video, website, business cards and any extra material to complete your application.

The workshop will include a number of useful resources for artists for professional development and opportunities.

> PEARL HENEGHAN graduated with B.A honours in Fine Art from G.M.I.T, Ireland. She directed the Sculpture society at GMIT and was artistic coordinator / lead artist on an extensive range of projects. Since graduating she founded an Art group, undertook residencies and has had many Solo and Group exhibitions.

She recently Co-Organised an international group exhibition PRE-/DE-FORM ME in association with Kaleidoskop-Art Berlin at Mein Blau, Berlin. She is currently Project Management Assistant with berlinerpool.

location >> Mica Moca Projekt Lindower Str. 22, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding

flashlights >>> JULY 


14th of JULY/ Thursday

Experimental and alternative exhibition concepts and practices


During the workshop following issues will be discussed:

  • Exhibition as medium.
  • Institutional critic - the role of the museum and art's system.
  • Experiments on display – category of time, space, chronology, order, interaction.
  • Identities- curator and artist. Fictive personalities, exchanging roles.
  • Concept of exhibition. Structure. Deconstructing structures.
  • Exhibition spaces – museum, public galleries and institutions, galleries, off spaces, public spaces, alternative spaces. Differences and common points and strategies of work.
  • Curator as a filter, theoretician, moderator, creator, organizer. Artist as a curator? Problems with terminology. The role of the curator – can it be replaced by a new form?
  • Compartmentalization of art positions. Division in styles, topics, subjects, geographical origins, mediums and sovereignty of an artwork.

Exercise: The participants can use the mobile artists archive of berlinerpool / collection of 150 portfolios / to draft the exhibition ideas.

has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, graduated from High School of Fine Arts in Braunschweig and Postgraduate Curatorial Studies at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She deals with painting, installation and video art and curated various exhibitions. 2010 she created the artist duo Xuka Fon Sztof with Karolina Kaźmierska.


location >> Mica Moca Projekt Lindower Str. 22, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding


flashlights >>> JUNE



30. JUNE / Thursday Start: 6pm  > End: 9pm


Networking in the Arts: how to turn a fashionable word into a professional practice



Networking is the word that best describes our time and it is so spread in every field nowadays that it is actually becoming a void one, losing its real meaning. In this workshop we will discuss frameworks, methods and tools that will be useful to understand why and how cultural and art associations can practically exploit alliances and networks in their daily activities and to pursue their short and long-term aims. A theoretical background that will be explained through ad-hoc case studies with a focus on alliances forms, actors and determinants; managing alliances; social capital; uncertainty; creativity and learning in networks.

> NICOLE MAFFI is an Arts Management student at the University of Bologna. After completing a bachelor degree in Art History with a dissertation about Cracking Art Group, she worked as intern and as collaborator for GAMeC, the museum of modern and contemporary art in Bergamo, dealing with exhibitions´ organization and with the artists and events´ archives. Her main field of interest is the management of contemporary art.


flashlights put a light on >>>  



JUNE 16 >> podcasting in the arts: empowering artists and cultural organizations



The Internet has revolutionized the way non-for-profit organizations conduct their day-to-day operations providing relatively inexpensive and accessible tools to manage and engage their audiences in more effective ways. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube are all part of the same phenomenom where also blogging and podcasting belong.  

How can podcasting leverage cultural organizations' ability to build their own community?

What can podcasting provide for artists?


In this hands on workshop we will
> discuss the fundamentals of podcasting
> provide practical tools to create a podcast
> address some interesting case studies


> ROMINA BULACIO SAK was born in Argentina and studied Political Sciences and Theater in Buenos Aires. For the last five years, she has been engaged in different cultural and artistic projects both in private organizations and governmental agencies. Her work focus is on theater, knowledge management & new technologies. She is currently finishing her Arts Management Master's Degree at the University of Bologna.

workshop in English language

location >> Mica Moca Projekt Lindower Str. 22, 13347 Berlin, S-Bhf Wedding