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Opening: Wednesday
, 17th February, 7pm
Short exhibition:
18th February - 6th March

Presentation of the works  "Border Crossings" by Farida Heuck and "DMZ Embassy" by Farida Heuck and Jae-Hyun Yoo

"Border Crossings":
"DMZ  Embassy":

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Film analytical workshop for videoplattform
"Europe's Antivirus-System" - In/Visibilities of Border and Migration in Film

2nd and 3rd March, 4-10 pm

A project by Martyna Starosta

If there is a political dream of the border today, it is like anti-virussoftware: constantly scanning traffic, identifying threats, quarantining, disinfecting and silently isolating risks so that all those flows which we are told to value can continue to circulate and proliferate. A technology which, because the –žthreat" is constantly morphing, must achieve a condition of permanent updating.
(Wiliam Walters in conversation with Marion von Osten, Genealogies of control, project migration)

On the basis of films / film fragments different strategies of in/visibility regarding border and migration will be analysed and discussed. Which images of establishing and transgression of borders are being produced? Who speaks for whom and from which point of view? How can the contradiction between ilegality and visiblity be made productive? How are films produced in the tension of art, film and activism? And with which impact are they used?

Examples of films by Domenico Distilo, Pieter Gienen, Farida Heuck, Harun Farocki, Ulrich Seidl, Zelimir Zilnik and others

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