BENEATH THE REMAINS - Translations of Estrangement and the Politics of Survival

Exhibition / Lecture / Public Art Projects / Workshop / Experiment in Ambient Hearing



Friday, 16th of October 2009, 7 p.m. l Opening
The opening will be accompanied by the participating
artists and the curator

Saturday, 17th of October 2009, 5 p.m.
with the participating artists l moderated by Vlad Morariu
Tuesday, 20th of October, 2009, 5 p.m.
Artificially mediated experiments
in ambient Hearing
with Bogdan Ghiu
–œDADA Democracy–œ (35 min) and –œFeature Report on
the Matresses of the Future–œ (35 min)

Monday, 9th of November, 2009, 5 p.m.
Presentation and workshop
- exploring subcultural knowledge
with Keith Kahn Harris
–œJourney Into The Known–œ (2 h 30 min)

Saturday, 14th of November, 2009, 7 p.m. l Closing of the Project

The events will be performed in the arttransponder project space in Berlin. Within the framework of this project art interventions will take place on various public space locations in Berlin.

Twenty years after the political moment in 1989 a group of international artists meet and construct a common contemporary art project: Beneath the Remains – translations of estrangement and the politics of survival.
But their assembly does not aim to achieve another (sad) celebration. Its purpose is to recuperate and concatenate upon a Zeitgeist of political mistrust, uneasiness and active disobedience which stems out from the popular culture milieus of the late 80's and which still survives in the back of our consciences.

Coming from different socio-political and cultural backgrounds and belonging to different generations, the participating artists will appropriate the conceptual framework of the homonym political album (Beneath the Remains,1989) released by the thrash metal band Sepultura. Although the band's prophecy of the world–˜s nuclear destruction has been postponed, many have seen 1989 as the end of culture and history. We survived, but have to ask ourselves about our residual humanity, our contemporary alienation and about the societal hierarchies and mechanisms of control. The result is a collage of artworks: they invest the capital of personal histories in the enterprise of examining the hopes, ruptures, and possibilities of surviving in the world, which has been born in the ruins and remains of 1989.

The project will be followed by and reflected within the pages of a resource book which contains artists insertions and theoretical texts.

Artists: Eduard Constantin (RO)  l  Cristina David (RO) l Andreea Faciu (RO/DE) l Vincent Faciu (RO/DE) l Tatjana Fell (DE) l Bogdan Ghiu (RO) l Keith Kahn Harris (GB) l Dumitru Oboroc (MD) l Ondrej Svadlena (CZ) l Tim Wolff (DE)

A project curated by Vlad Morariu (RO)



The exhibition and the programme were made possible through the financial support of the Romanian Culture Institute Titu Maiorescu and arttransponder.

Keith Kahn Harris - exploring subcultural knowledge

presentation and workshop

online presentation >>>  –œJourney Into The Known–œ  (2 h 30 min)

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