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Exhibition: 12 September to 08 October 
Vernissage: Fri / 11 September / 7 p.m.
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Closing: Thu / 08 October / 7 p.m.

Discussion with Sergueï Spetschinsky:

Thu / 08 October / 8 p.m.


The Israeli artist Sharon Paz is currently in Berlin and will present her most recent work IS THIS A GOOD DAY TO START A WAR with several videos and large scale panoramas. Paz explores the human need, to be prepared for potential violence. In her work she deals with the stress resulting from this in everyday life and human interactions through various scenes.

Silhouettes of a mountainous area at night, blue smoky clouds and a small group of human beings with Mickey Mouse ears hitting each other for fun or perhaps actually striking each other for real? Cone shaped, the light from military helicopters quietly and coolly glide over the scene.

The scenes refer to social and military occurrences, without indicating a singular incident. Sharon Paz lives in Israel. It does not seem far off to read IS THIS A GOOD DAY TO START A WAR in relation to the specific situation of her country. In fact, where else can one observe war ships and planes from a beach towel and then go to work or to the mall?

In composition, in choreography of the actions and in the course of the movements the animation resembles computer games. Paz keeps her imagery transparent for horror scenarios, awakened from a collective memory.       

text: Dörte Ilsabé Dennemann

a project by Sharon Paz

The video was produced with the assistance of the Fund for Video-Art and Experimental Cinema, The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv with the support of the Israeli Film Council. Supported by the National Lottery Council For the Arts, Israel.

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