total partizipation_RADICAL RELAXATION_____Caroline Lund/Christine Woditschka

with: Tere Recarens,Halina Kliem,Susanne Schulz,Katharina Gruzei,Sylvia Schedelbauer,Markus Freidl,Luis Fernández Pons/Jasmina Llobet,Maya Schweizer,Ingrid Hölzl/Rémi Marie, Peter Frey,Angela Köntje,Caroline Lund,Christine Woditschka
and: Aaron Ximm,Anne McGuire,Kara Herold,James T. Hong,Yin-Ju Chen,Bryan Boyce,Archimedia,Kathleen Quillian,Gilbert Guerrero,Bill Daniel.


Opening No. II: 27 July 2007, 7 pm
Exhibition: 28 July – 16 August 2007

Videoscreening: 3 August, 9pm
Finissage: 16 August 2007, 7 pm


Together with the invited artists and participants, questions of (self-)precarization are discussed. The main focus is on the paradoxical absorption of participation and self-initiative in the capitalist exploitation process: Is a total participation in nearly all areas of life required?


How do you maximize your –œself-economization–œ? Do you combine friendship with work? Do you find yourself permanently networking? Do you stay mobile
and flexible all the time? What about creativity? And how does
this all relate to the insatiable yearning for relaxation?

At the beginning of the project stands a work phase – a place for disussions, talks and collective artitistic practice.
The ensuing exhibition (July 27 thru Aug.16) will present the results of the process. The project calls for open participation in any of the different phases, in the workshop, in the exhibition, or in the online blog. The exhibition has two
platforms: in the real space of the gallery in Brunnenstrasse,
and in the virtual space of the blog.


We're building a Prekarium!
PREKARIUM* defines a revocable right granted upon request,
which is not constituted in any legal code.
Check out our process on our blog!

The Prekarium will be located in the center of the gallery
space, and works will be presented as satellites of the Prekarium,
clustered together, without isolation, but as a collective
presentation. Individual works are modules that represent
our processes?


What you bring is what you get!


Components, context, network in two directions:
total participation/RADICAL RELAXATION.



video screening
total participation/RADICAL NETWORKING

Report from the Western 'Prairicairie' San Francisco

When prompted, most people in San Francisco would probably not identify
with the term –œprecarity–œ. Precarious ways of life seem to have always constituted a major part of North American identity – starting with the first
immigration from Europe, through the history of the Wild West, to contemporary
Mexican re-immigration.Even though there is hardly a safety net of social
security (social benefits, affordable health insurance, unemployment benefits,
not to mention social security for artists, or rent support), and despite the
USA being a home of some of the most insecure workers in the First World,
the discourse about precarity seems absent. Why?


Is the condition of precarious work and living such a naturalized element of consciousness, that the necessity for a discourse appears redundant?


Radical Networking presents a video program from San Francisco, USA.

The selection of work was playful and associative, and is contextualized
by both themes of precarity, as well as relaxation.


Programmed by: Sylvia Schedelbauer
Yin-Ju Chen, Kara Herold, Archimedia, Anne McGuire, Bryan Boyce,
Kathleen Quillian/Gilbert Guerrero, Bill Daniel, James T. Hong/Yin-Ju Chen.
A preview of the screening will be looped on a monitor during the entire


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Conzept and Organization:
Caroline Lund, Christine Woditschka

Tjoss May




arttansponder project organizer: Tatjana Fell





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