the view - language without sound

Ausstellungsprojekt mit Maisae Alabdallah-Sörensen, Lise-Lotte Elley, Sigrun Drapatz, Mariel Poppe, Héctor Vélazquez und Zuzanna Skiba


Opening: 20th Oktober 2006, 7 pm

Exhibition: 21th Oktober – 18th November 2006

The  exhibition explores the theme of the –žview–œ from an artistic point. Eye contact is a physical form of communication. It adds an additional meaning to spoken communication. Looks can transport feelings of sympathy and peace, curiosity, sceptisism, or feelings of sadness and pain. The look can come too close and penetrate boundries of personal space. Looks can  excercise control, observe and pass judgement. They are instruments of power and play. In the look of another you can get to know yourself, to know where you stand, and question if your are right or wrong. The look is interactive. It tells a story and questions our identity.

What is inseperably linked with the view, is that what you can' t see, should or want. Children believe if they cover their face with their hands that no one can see them. Adults use society formalities in much the same way, when they don' t want to look at something they can' t accept. The hidden, the forbidden, the taboos define what is acceptable  for us to see. Although this is an existence of the hidden, the forbidden and the invisible, there is still room for the imagination.

During the exhibition there will be an evening discussion and a film screening in another location.  The dates for these will be released when known.

arttransponder projekt organizer: Tatjana Fell


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