imitation of life. Multimediale Rauminstallation.

Douglas Sirk: I would have done it for the title.

Imitation of Life, Douglas Sirks last Film in the USA is a remake of the melodrama by John M. Stahl (1934). A, for the time being, unsuccessful actress (Lana Turner) sacrifices her private happiness for the dream of a great career, which is finally realized on Broadway. In contrast to that, is the dream of her black housekeepers daughter, to be white.

In imitation of life, Andrea Stahl, in no way related to John M. Stahl, ties different cords of association together in a multi-dimensional installation. By intertwining   different single works, an environment of open spaces and zones of the transition from within and without emerges, into which the viewer can immerse him or herself. In this, the local colour of the Brunnenstrasse plays a role, a street in which more and more galleries are settling, which build a parallel universe to the "real" life of the street, which, at first, seems rather dull. Franz Bieberkopf lives around the corner, tries to be "respectable". On his way to Alexanderplatz, he might collide with hopeful middle aged interns with diverse academic degrees in their pockets. Perhaps he will take an excursion to Potsdamer Platz and sell a homeless paper to Stahl, while she photographs highly lit office buildings for her exhibition. A glowing collection of empty real estate which, aided by light, colour and pictures of gesticulating business people (actors who dream of a great career?), suggests a brisk business life. Beyond that, the reference to Sirks melodrama refers to a critical comparison to ones own production conditions.


arttransponder workshop support: Lisa Glauer
project support: Tatjana Fell

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