Käthe Wenzel: Fliegende Bauten - flying buildings - bâtiments volants

"Flying Buildings" are a building kit, consisting of 16 elements, made from string (nets). By mail, they travel from hand to hand.


At six places in Europe, Africa and Australia, the recipients invite friends and strangers to construct a transparent netbuilding together. A piece of string-architecture travels around the world,constantly changing shape. "Flying Buildings" is mostly about architecture: Most of us associate architecture with walls, stone, solidity. Actually, if you have a look at buildings and especially cities in time, this is not so. If we could see our houses and cities in time lapse photography, we would see how they constantly change their shape, how they dwindle and expand, how they grow or lose limbs, how their surfaces crumble and renew themselves. In reality, most architecture is soft. It is even more so, when you consider that the actual structure of buildings is only the residue of a far more complex and immaterial thing: Cities and buildings are shaped by human needs, tastes, and interaction, by the life that surrounds them and takes place inside them. They are like a hard rind formed by the much bigger, softer body of humanity, like the shell of a shellfish. 


the project runs from March 8th  until September 1st, 2006

Exhibition in August 2006

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