Zuzanna Skiba

"I see what you don't see; what the eyes long for - how does that effect me?
how far can I see?  what don't I want to see?  what are the limits of my vision?
what is it in front of me? I can always look further if there is nothing in front of me!"


Zuzanna Skiba


1968 Born in Koszalin, Poland
1985–88 Trained in Cartography, Bielefeld, Germany
1990–95 Academy of Fine Arts, Bielefeld | Prof. I. Höher

Scholarships and Nominations
2006 Frankfurter Kunstverein / Oder, Germany
2002 Institut of regional studies, Lemgo, Germany
2001 National Museum of Modern Art, Beijing, China
2000 Art Council of the City of Berlin
1997 3 years scholarship for studio, Arthouse 23, Berlin
1995 Academy of Art Minerva, Groningen, Netherlands

Exhibitions selected
2005 _5 positions | backfabrik, Berlin
ausgezeichnet | KunstWerk e.V., Köln
2004 Dining room | bki, Darmstadt
What eats an artist? | portikussi, Offenbach, Germany
2003 Black Market | KunstRaum Rampe, Bielefeld
2001 Syrabis: Baltic Art Biennial | Szczecin, Poland
Exil | pussy galore, Berlin
2000 Roomsharing | Galerie brotundspiele, Berlin
1999 13th Art competition of drawing | Augsburg
1997 Reversal of the visible | Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin

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